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If your after someones opinion that doesn't know much about Amigas (for a change, im younger then you so why i own one, who knows?) then this is what i would say:

A500: Cheap, large heavy, upgradable to a good degree, but upgrading wont affect you much if your just using official genuine floppy disks, this one isnt ideal for unofficial programs that fans have made, as most need at least 1MB RAM, usually 2MB+, for good ones anyway, but its a great starting point.

A500 Specs:

7MHZ prcoessor, this wont affect too much, if your happy waiting for programs. Unofficial ones often need at least 14MHZ.
512kb of RAM, i think nearly all official games run on this, utilities will struggle.
No direct method of downloading games from the internet and playing them i dont think.
OCS, will only run OCS games, cant run ECS or AGA games, you might be able to upgrade, but i have no knowledge on the subject, luckily a lot of games are compatible with both ECS and OCS systems.

A600: My baby..... urrmmmm. Ok this one has 1mb of RAM stock, so can do basic unofficial games, and can run most official software, minus a few utilities such as OCTAMED 4 ect. Not as upgradable as the A500 and costs more, but is lighter, smaller, and has more RAM in it, as well as a PCMCIA slot if you wanted to use unofficial software or games on it (easier).

A600 Specs:

7MHZ processor, identical to A500.
1MB of RAM, will run most utilities except advanced ones
PCMCIA slot, combine with some drivers, a CF card, and a PCMCIA-CF adaptor, plus a program for copying ADF files, you can get hold of free Amiga games. Minus cost of the Floppy disks, you can install a HDD if you will, either a CF card INSIDE your amiga, or a real one, i believe both work with WHDLOAD.
ECS, will run OCS and ECS games.

A1200: Similar to A600 in most ways, this one has a AGA chipset, which means it can run newer games such as Simcity 2000, i hear it has incompatabilities with certain OCS gamess, but its easy to fix i believe. OCS games are like older ones, 1980's to early 90's really. I believe this has 2MB of RAM in it? (correct me if im wrong) so it will run a good deal of unofficial software, and i believe all official software. This one costs a lot more than the others, but its got the ease of downloading games and putting them on floppies like the A600 has, it has a AGA chipset so can run any Amiga game (official), and has a faster processor than both the A500 and A600 (which have 7MHZ, A1200 has 14MHZ at least), if you have the cash, you'll probably want this one.

A1200 Specs:

14MHZ processor, will run a good deal of unofficial programs
2MB of RAM, will probably run all official programs, and will help with unofficial.
PCMCIA slot, exactly the same as the A600.
AGA can run all Amiga games.

So much for a different opinion on the matter....

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