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sorry for google translation:

Prysneły dreams like a soap bubble. Unfortunately, all the news about emerging products CommodoreUSA is one big fake, or rather a joke.

Pretty good joke, since both gained and seemed to be, professional services And all by accident. I looked through old articles and found this - quite an old article, because of the 19 March 2010.

An excerpt from "Of course I do not know what is true. However, a few things so strongly caught my eye, that despite the sympathy for the Commodore (exactly the Commodore 128, which was a breakthrough for me, after previous experience with the ZX Spectrum) I can not collapse the selective blindness.

Here's what I immediately zazgrzytało:

1. alleged product page,, is created on the knee in five minutes, with images taken from the live site Cybernetu, "intro" was created in the free service into the comments code appears Citymax,
2., this site offers templates for websites, with free 10 dniowymi versions of sample tests,
3. the address indicates, or implied Colleague product, both of these addresses are staffed by servers in Vancouver, Canada, belonging to the same ISP
4. owner of the domain (registered yesterday, for the year) is a domain seller, and not any company, which reportedly has regained the rights to the name of Commodore.

For me the issue is not so much sewn with thick thread, as in ship ropes. A Canadian student ZPC-GX31 loved at first sight, bought for a few dollars from GoDaddy entitled to an annual use of the domain from Citymax took to try out the template, he waved his site, by Citymax bought (or also in an attempt to get) a piece of space network and the case. The beta version of the prima-aprilisowego joke on the network, and half of the world have written about it. Sam I am no better - after all, I write it. And before I saw the "product site" well, I was convinced that this is great news.

In total, author of the idea are due thanks for the reminder of the Commodore. I can pogrożenie finger - I think - unauthorized use of photos / specifications of an otherwise nice and oldschool ZPC-GX31 (you know, he has two built-in RS-232 ports and LPT Centroniksa ?!)."

The longer I read the less I wanted to believe it. But just look at the photo Commodore Phoenix - is the computer all-in-one ZPC-GX31. What's the difference? Trifles. Another logo, cleaned the heatsink that is pokolorowanymi logotype and ports.

The website is even a fake (converted?) User's guide, someone had put a lot of work in the hoax. I personally like it has stopped the publication of pictures C64x news Atreus - I looked at the source site, and captured a few small things - a completely different keyboard layout - visualization shows five function keys, cursor keys, a different layout, etc picture shows just the original C64 and for being the most popular picture on the Internet - the same is used on this website in top.

Thus, there will be implementation of the dreams of many fans of the old good old C64. Company CommodoreUSA, her party, and even doctored photos of a movie with so-called "unboxingu" is one big joke.
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