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Hi all!

After reading through various posts for about a week I decided to sign up and join in

I'm a 40-something self-confessed gaming geek with an extensive collection of retro consoles and computers, but by far and away my favourite system is the Amiga. Ever since getting my first A500 back in 1989 I've been hooked!

Finally, after a number of life-experiences, my trusty A1200T is back in the land of the living and I've been spending most of my evenings getting it back up to speed. A new mouse and keyboard interface are installed and it's running like a dream!!

Needless to say I'll be on eBay in an attempt to ramp up my collection again....
...Speaking of which, why are there so many greedy so-and-sos out there?? Prices of an A600 range from £60 to £180!! Crazy. Some people are artificially driving up the prices of kit. Makes my blood boil!

Well, hope to speak to many of you soon.

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