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Hi Dreedo, like your site, nice and straight forward. Loving the quality miggy pics.
Now...just a few comments on the specs of the machines....

All Amigas other than the first batch of OCS A1000's can display 32, and 64 colours (64 colours- EHB, extra halfbrite)

All Amigas can display 4096 colours in HAM (Hold & Modify) mode. (Generally static, but not always)

OCS and ECS machines have a 4096 colour palette to choose from (12 bit)

AGA machines can display 256 colours in paletted modes, 262144+ in HAM8
AGA palette is 16777216 colours (24 bit).

All machines adhere to 480i (NTSC) and 576i (PAL/SECAM). And are capable of overscan, though your millage will vary, depending on the display device.

ECS and AGA machines have 'super-hi res' mode. This doubles the horizontal resolution: eg: 640x512 becomes 1280x512.

All amigas have the 'paula' soundchip. This is a 4 channel PCM (sample play back) device. The chip has DMA

As you can see, I like to see the amiga hardware displayed to our best advantage ;P,

And keep up the good work, and don't let moaners get you down. Actually doing something about the amiga, rather than just talking about it, is a very cool thing!
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