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Originally Posted by Mequa View Post
I was wondering how much longer it would be before simple games made with the AMOS/AMOSPro Compiler could run on AROS 68k?
No idea. It is too early.

Are there plans to incorporate a working AROS 68k kickrom directly into WinUAE? (Will an extra 512KB/1MB hurt?)
Yes. No.

P.S. The glitches at the top of the video do not occur in PAL mode, only NTSC.
All timings and display settings currently assume PAL configuration.

I still recommend using RTG modes, custom chipset driver is just a proof of concept (It is not going to be optimized or improved until more important features work). Today's build has improved RTG mode, includes 32-bit screen modes and E-UAE (and probably also "original" UAE) RTG compatibility.
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