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Hi Alexou,

Once you have installed a clean workbench on your CF card and have installed it in your Amiga via a CF-IDE adapter your Amiga will boot straight from the CF card without the need for a boot floppy.

Classic Workbench is a great choice becuase it has lots of useful tools already included such is unzipping tools, WHDLoad, Music players, paint, Wordpad, etc.

However, there is a but... You will need some sort of Ram expansion or accelerator to enjoy it becuase 95% of WHDload games will need more than the stock 2mb Ram to run and even a light classic workbench will eat into 25% or more of that chip Ram...

If the ACA030 is a bit pricy for your Wife to accept there are other options such as a 4/8mb Ram upgrade which you can pick up for between £30-40 or a Blizzard/Apollo 1220 which should be <£60 however, if you can get her to sign off an ACA030 you wont be disapointed as they really look like great value

All the best and if you need any help setting up the CF we're here


ps. Just realised, if it helps I have a spare Floppy Drive here that is working fine you could have for a £5 + P&P... Although to be honest you probably wont use one again if you get a Ram upgrade and CF card!
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