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A noob question (A1200 floppy dead? + cf/ide project?)

Hey all,

I finally got back a stock A1200 from my parents'
I was so happy to plug it back.... but!

I tried to insert some floppies (like workbench or magazine disk/games) but the A1200 reads it like the disk is empty and the screen goes back to the classic animation "insert a disk".

So I found myself a little disppointed, and despite opening it and tried to "clean" the floppy disk, it's still the same. So I suspect it to not work anymore.

Now i'm thinking about some solutions (and an opportunity to upgrade, too bad i won't be able to buy a ACA1230/28 my wife would aggro me straight away!).
I can of course replace the floppy disk by ordering a new one.
But I would like to buy a CF/IDE adapter in order to get a "hard drive" for my A1200.
I thought that if via Amiga Forever/WinUAE I create some hdf (and then follow some tutorial to install a clean WB--classicWB?) with my PC, maybe i could transfer it to the CF card, will the A1200 boot from the "hard drive", or will I still need a floppy disk to initiate a boot to make this "hard drive" recognized by my Amiga?

The final question is to know if I still need a new floppy disk drive, or would I only stick to a CF/IDE adapter ? (ok it's just to avoid to buy a floppy disk, and eventually transfer ADF PC>Amiga via an additional PCMCIA CF adapter)

Thanks for your feedbacks!
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