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I was wondering how much longer it would be before simple games made with the AMOS/AMOSPro Compiler could run on AROS 68k? (sources)
AFAIK, these use a custom screen mode, depend on or include AMOS.library and bypass much of AmigaOS. (I can provide a simple build if you want to test something.)

This could be VERY useful for those folks at AMOS Factory. who want to distribute their games to run on a PC without relying on copyrighted material.
I'll be delighted to inform Fran├žois Lionet when this is working!
(Users of Blitz Basic on Amiga might be equally pleased when their games get working.)

Are there plans to incorporate a working AROS 68k kickrom directly into WinUAE? (Will an extra 512KB/1MB hurt?)

P.S. The glitches at the top of the video do not occur in PAL mode, only NTSC.

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