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I was wondering how much longer it would be before simple games made with the AMOS/AMOSPro Compiler could run on AROS 68k? (sources)
AFAIK, these use a custom screen mode, depend on or include AMOS.library and bypass much of AmigaOS. (I can provide a simple build if you want to test something.)

This could be VERY useful for those folks at AMOS Factory. who want to distribute their games to run on a PC without relying on copyrighted material.
I'll be delighted to inform François Lionet when this is working!
(Users of Blitz Basic on Amiga might be equally pleased when their games get working.)

Are there plans to incorporate a working AROS 68k kickrom directly into WinUAE? (Will an extra 512KB/1MB hurt?)

P.S. The glitches at the top of the video do not occur in PAL mode, only NTSC.

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