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Hi from Australia!!!!!

Hi new member from Australia.

I have a large console collection, but my main passion lies with c64 and anything commodore. I have a number of real c64's and peripherals, so that i have finally decided to get myself into the amiga scene.

I have never owned an amiga back in the day, having only wished for one and only was able to use one at any of my friends who happened to have one back then. When the time came to upgrade from the c64, it was too late, with the amiga suffering a shady and unforseen future, i moved straight into the PC world with a new 386.

Now years, later, i have acquired a number of Amiga 500's (5 at the moment) and im seriously enjoying the retrogaming experiance, so much that i have purchased an Amiga 1200 with all the goodies like pcmcia flash card and SD ide HDD. It still on its way here in the mail, and this is the main reason for me joining here at the moment. I hope i can get the necessary help needed to get this thing up and running.

So please, i know i will have a lot of stupid questions to ask, so please be patient with me.

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