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Originally Posted by CU_AMIGA
Yes! Oh, speaking of special wot do you think of my new avatar! :-P
Oh my! That shows there's just one little step from Alexh to... La Bruja Avería!

For the un-initiated, Bruja Avería was an evil witch in a cherised spanish kids TV show from the happy 80's whose characters were losely based on famous local new wave stars

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Originally Posted by fitzsteve
This card came from a member of these boards, its actually very reliable - I ran it at Retr0 Replay for 4 hours, in constant use playing games with no issues.
Thanks! That info was relevant to my questions! If your Apollo behaved nicely after 4 hours of intense work then I can reasonably expect ACA630 to do so for some more time with the new desing, that lot of heatsinkers, and so on... (but then, the Apollo had a fan... huum... sunk in a sea of doubts again! ) Anyway, It's too late now. I waited till the very last minute before leaving for vacation yesterday. Now there is a slim chance I can find a computer here I trust enough to make money operations with! ^_^'

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