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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
SATA is the way to go. I would not make a new product with PATA any more. However, I have to empty the pipe before I start anything new. Let's roll out Indivision AGA MK2 and Chameleon, then see what I can do to accelerate the A500, then think about fast mass-storage.

About fast ata, accelerators and increasing the Amiga speed, which is better: a HD that has a transfer rate of 100Mb/s or a CF HD? (like my Trascend that is 133x, so it's 20Mb/s or my Sandisk's ones that are 30Mb/s). I think I've heard there's some kind of limit for the Amiga Ide, so it doesn't matter an speed above it without a fast mass-storage device?

Will an accelerator alone take benefit of a faster HD transfer rate?

EDIT: Perhaps I'm asking things that don't have any relationship.

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