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Originally Posted by RMK View Post

Just out of interest, when did you start developing these boards?
essentially in 2006. Large parts of the ACA630 design that I've made in summer 2006 were "recycled" in this ACA630 design. When I did ZorRAM together with Michael Boemher, I collected more and more ideas of how to implement an SD-Ram controller in a CPLD (and not in an FPGA),

I collected all this in august of this year and (re-)started the project, but with all this work that has gone into it before I did a new PCB (which is only a fraction of the work), you shouldn't say "it was done in three months". My estimate for "development time" including Oliver's tools and optimizations, my previous work, eMails exchanged with Michael and GB "did you solve detail XY the same way?", I guess it's safe to say that there is one man-year of development in these boards.

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