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The easiest way to trasfer files is with the EasyADF transfer kit that Amigakit sell or you can make your own kit, i.e buy a CF card and PCMCIA Card reader, you still have to get the drivers onto the Amiga which is where the EasuADF makes this easy, however you can just buy the floppy disk from Amigakit which is what I done since I already had a PCMCIA card reader.

What Zetr0 is suggesting though is replace the Hard Drive with a nice low power CF card on a CF-IDE adapter, these are very cheap and I can reccomend the following setup:

One of these and and a 4gb CF Card, I bought a couple of these and they work a treat.

All you have to do is format the CF Card as an Amiga Hard Drive, you can do it in UAE or on the real Amiga, then add the CF as a HDD in UAE (connect it to your USB Card CF reader) and copy your working Workbench setup along with all the WHDLoad games to your CF card and then install it in your Amiga.

This is by far the quickest and easiest way to do it as UAE is so much faster than copying the files via the PCMCIA port, I lost a whole evening moving 700mb of WHDLoad games via PCMCIA, takes about 45mins to do a whole 4gb CF via UAE in Turbo mode.

Again, suggest Classic Workbench as its ready to go with WHDload and even has the PCMCIA drivers for using CF adapter

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