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Originally Posted by 8bitbubsy View Post
What .MOD replayer do you use? It even plays black_queen.mod correctly - impressive!
I guess it's not one you coded yourself since you use the UAE emulator in your program?
I use protracker's source replayer with some modifications. UAE is used to translate/execute the motorola opcodes, then the Paula/DMA state is captured.

Re: black_queen.mod,
I looked this up on youtube and I can see what you mean
As you can see, playing this module in eMod doesn't come with the visual 'tricks' which comes with playing it in Protracker.. The pattern data you see is produced by a function in the plugin DLL. Each format has it's own version of this 'translator' function which basically runs through the module and produces a table of the data for each pattern step.
The red lines in the pattern view denote a pattern break, and yellow lines denote a loop.

Following on from your post I tested 'ode 2 protracker' as well, apparently notorious for it's trickery..

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