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Originally Posted by ian-uk View Post
one recently sold for 195 Here
Another for sale Here
Can't believe the price
The ended listing was mine, I was testing the water, I had a couple of offers 100 & 130 I withdrew the listing, it did not sell. I decided to keep even if I get an ACA630 I will keep the Apollo since it cost me 175.

Originally Posted by amigarobbo View Post

Only an Ejiot would buy one of those at that price now.

So it'll probably do quite well on EvilBay.

I wonder if that's my old card I sold because it kept falling off..?
Yep, I was hoping for an ejiot to come along

This card came from a member of these boards, its actually very reliable - I ran it at Retr0 Replay for 4 hours, in constant use playing games with no issues. In hindsite would have been a mistake to sell.

Originally Posted by Amigaman View Post
Yep, I saw that too. Just seen a A600 with Apollo 620 up for sale. That isn't yours is it Fitz?
Yep lol, it was me
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