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Originally Posted by Calabazam View Post
Well, what about a poll?
I'm sure i am not the only one that want to keep the floppy drive.
You don't get it, do you? I wrote that it would be slightly more expensive and that I need a downpayment. I will NOT encourage anyone to collect money which would be used to make the downpayment to me. I would only accept an order from a single person or business, as a contract would have to be made with that entity.

If you think there's a market for 500 units like that, go to a bank and get the financing. 50k EUR for the downpayment is not all that much. I'd be happy to do the design, but I'd hate to see you paying off that debt for I-dont-know-how-long, sitting on 450 flickerfixer/chipmem expansions for the A600, thinking of bathroom decoration or other useful things to do with them ;-)

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