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Originally Posted by snyp View Post
Can i ask you to retrieve them from your backups in a few months?
sure. are you like

I'll sort you out with a copy. you might need to remind me - you can contact me on buzz [at] - I need to just remove one thing from the script which is the private reference/access to the site to pull out their data. you can contact them and ask for access if needed.

Originally Posted by snyp View Post
Generating lists and metadata from the filesystem is pretty much what I'd planned with most online collections..

This reminds me of something you can clarify for me BuZz, a few months ago I downloaded a chunk of the filesystem on Unexotica to get an idea of how to organise your collection, and I spotted .txt files such as "composer.txt" and "archivename.txt".. How are they generated? Do I need to parse them, or will our SQL interface bypass anything useful in these files?
they are manually generated by contributors, but then the data is gathered up by a perl "bot" which then edits the various related wiki pages.

however I may well make a sql database for this stuff too to have a similar search frontend as for modland.
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