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Originally Posted by BuZz View Post
for hvsc, we use the filesystem + the meta data in the sids, + the stil + references to link to remixes. I am happy to share the scripts for hvsc/modland etc if you are interested (made in perl).
I would definitely be interested in the HVSC scripts Buzz, thanks
However I'm not planning on the work for SID (and C64 hardware emulation) support for many months yet.

Because HVSC is as important as it is, I will most likely begin work on the 'browser' workspace, the SID format, and c64 emulation at the same time. Can i ask you to retrieve them from your backups in a few months?

Originally Posted by BuZz View Post
for the database stuff for modland for example you can pull out module name, author, instruments, collections (which could be a playlist, or the name of a game the module is from) and a few other things. this is just generated from the modland filesystem structure.
Generating lists and metadata from the filesystem is pretty much what I'd planned with most online collections..

This reminds me of something you can clarify for me BuZz, a few months ago I downloaded a chunk of the filesystem on Unexotica to get an idea of how to organise your collection, and I spotted .txt files such as "composer.txt" and "archivename.txt".. How are they generated? Do I need to parse them, or will our SQL interface bypass anything useful in these files?
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