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Originally Posted by Cosmos View Post
> ACA630 thermal tests would be finished late last week

No heat with 25 Mhz...
Thanks! (and also thanks to Retrofan for his kind PM). That would be great, but the certain fact is that ACA630 is not exactly a "heatless" beast. Traditionally, correct me if I'm wrong, accelerators for Amiga 600 had always had more heat problems due to beeing mounted directly over the motherboard instead of using an expansion port, as in the Amiga 1200.

Jens was the firs person to point at it in this thread in this post, where he even suggests removing the internal floppy drive to make space for ventilation. Luckilly, I guess through his later comments that's no longer a requirement if you're not using Indivision ECS.

Then again ACA630 still needs, as expected, a lot of heatsinking stuff around, as Jens again stated here, where he asks me to wait for the results of a final thermal test.

And I truly need to know if that results show tha ACA630 is optimal for the kind of use I mean for it (long, in fact, very long gaming sessions, the type of sessions expected in our local retro-gaming meetings). I know for a fact that I can use my Blizzard A1230 MKIV 50 Mhz in my trusty Amiga 1200 playing games for a whole night and it gets noticeably hot, but not alarmingly hot. That would be more than OK to me in the ACA630, but I need to know for certain!

Thanks, and sorry again for my sickening persistence! ^_^'


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