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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
I've seen for example with MAME on my Amiga with B1260 (no Indivision) is umplayable without a graphic card, only some games can run on it. Will it be a little better, faster with the Indivision MKII?
If it really requires a gfx card, then Indivision AGA cannot help speed, because it only takes the Amiga output and converts it to VGA/DVI. The speed on the input side (which is the Amiga-output) does not change. With the tricks I mentioned yesterday (like image-hold), you can win big time on chipram performance, but if you're talking games, the drawback "lower update rate" won't help at all. Games require fast and ideally synced output, so no special screenmodes available.

Mame emulates a large variety of game cabinets with lots of different gfx hardware. I have never looked into the details, but I'd expect this to be decoupled by at least one abstraction layer - this makes programming a new emulator easier, but it costs performance. One approach would be to dive a little deeper into Mame and write some software that takes *advantage* of the Amiga chipset. Naturally, this would be independant of Indivision.

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