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Originally Posted by Oliver_A View Post
Would you guys like some real-life practical comparisons?

Here is ADOOM Shareware running on my A1200 in 320x200 AGA. The accelerator is a Blizzard 1240, which means an 68040 with 25Mhz:

As you can see, the game is running with 10fps. Pretty impressive! How can a 68030 CPU compete against a 68040?

ADOOM Shareware running on the upcoming ACA1230-56, 68030 with 56Mhz:

WHAT??? 15fps??? Our 68030 design yields 5 fps MORE than a 68040???

Yes, thanks to a high speed SDRAM memory interface and optimal access to the Amiga chip bus!

For complete humiliation, I'm going to post a comparision with the Blizzard 1230 later...
I'm only getting 17/18 with a Blizzard 12060 @ 50! Maybe I need to check my settings*, but.. that's very impressive for a 68030 card...

Makes me glad I just ordered a ACA1230-56.!

*I only just worked out how to change the right button to move forward!

edited to add, enabled mmu, native and CPU=68060 and got it up to 25/26 FPS

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