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Originally Posted by snyp View Post
Well, if people will be using eMod to browse and fetch data from your domain, bandwidth becomes an issue, especially if we are thinking about mp3 (or flac!). I would like to see access to the module files themselves, with SQL queries to search and sort the title/artist/game/demo etc.
the bandwidth for the data wouldnt be much for the database. the streams would use a fair amount if it was busy, but usage is quite low at the moment. the streaming backend was not really relevant for you I guess but I wanted to mention it . for the database stuff for modland for example you can pull out module name, author, instruments, collections (which could be a playlist, or the name of a game the module is from) and a few other things. this is just generated from the modland filesystem structure. for hvsc, we use the filesystem + the meta data in the sids, + the stil + references to link to remixes. I am happy to share the scripts for hvsc/modland etc if you are interested (made in perl).
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