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Originally Posted by BuZz View Post
If SQL on the client side would be annoying, we can setup server side stuff with xml output perhaps. i have that in place for modland actually in a basic form, which is used my my xbmc modland plugin - where you send a search string and you get back tunes related to that but the streaming urls, so they can be streamed to the xbox1 or htpc running xbmc. for modland we also store instrument data for some formats, and in hvsc we have a bunch of other data. mostly relational depending on if we need to index from it, otherwise its data packed in json format.
Well, if people will be using eMod to browse and fetch data from your domain, bandwidth becomes an issue, especially if we are thinking about mp3 (or flac!). I would like to see access to the module files themselves, with SQL queries to search and sort the title/artist/game/demo etc.

You have given me other ideas too, maybe I should include a seperate workspace to connect to radio streams

Originally Posted by Loedown View Post
So what's the point, make something that converts to a current standard and keep the source code open for future developments, MID 0/1 is an old standard but it's still current.
The thesis behind conversion between two formats is to convert the source into a 'language', and then convert that to the destination format. Because of the different types of effects provided by different formats, the conversion language needs to be as generic as I can make it, and unfortunately in some cases there will be accuracy issues in the destination output; synth sounds converted to pitched samples is one example, arpeggio effects is another example.

Point of interest, when I begin work on the editor/sequencer workspace, I intend to develop a 'super-format', which will closely emulate the synth sounds of several formats in one piece of music. Example, playing Delta Music sounds with Future Composer sounds with Sonic Arranger sounds.
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