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We are NOT planning a framebuffer mode in Indivision AGA MK2. However, we will implement the "image hold" bit that Indivision ECS has introduced: This will allow the programmer to turn off bitmap DMA, making the 15khz RGB output of the Amiga all black. If the "image hold" bit is set in the flickerfixer, the picture will not be updated from the (now black) Lisa output.

This will allow full-resolution full-colour images at high (=flicker-free) vertical frequencies, but with lower update rates (like the 2024 hedley-monitor). The effect is that the average CPU access is a lot faster, so using a 256-colour WB is not all that slow.

This to-be-developed-HighGFX mode will still not be able to replace a gfx card, but it might be enough to reduce the pain that you're having becaue you don't own one ;-)

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