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Originally Posted by DJCruicky View Post
As for your problem with the music. I think I too had problems also when I bought a 030 for my A1200 15 years a go. Not sure I ever found a fix. The music plays, but it seems to miss notes out. Is this the same for you?
I had hoped recompiling my source code with the new AmiBlitz3 would have fixed the sound bugs, but I guess not. Hard to test as it all works fine with my PC Emulator. Are you loading the game through Workbench? Try this, open a Shell, and Enter 'CPU NoBurst', then run the game. Out of interest, was the speed of the game OK too?. ie does it look like my You-tube vid.
Disabling burst mode made no difference for me, but "CPU NoCache" fixes everything. Well actually I use the rather excellent TUDE, but it still achieves the same end.

Occasionally some samples are cut short for no apparent reason, but it's listenable now.

I did have problems with the speed, but disabling CPU caches fixed that problem also.
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