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Originally Posted by everblue View Post
Ok, this is a noob question, so don't shoot me ok

Most modern TFT monitors do not support 50hz, so getting a picture with indivision would be by using to force 60hz option which is not ideal as it results in uneven scrolling (at least that is what I read). Can a feature be added so Indivision doubles the output to 100hz so any monitor which support 100hz or more (many new ones do nowadays) can display picture?

Just an idea.
As 60hz is really producing bad tearing effects, Indivision uses 62.5Hz for the PAL output "forced over 60Hz" (as you call it). This still has a tearing effect, but it is not moving all over the screen.

100Hz is not supported by too many monitors, especially not TFTs. The next logical step would be to triple the pixel clock, resulting in 75Hz output for PAL. Indivision AGA MK2 will have enough memory performance to do that - and it has the exact same effect that you desire: Having the VBlanks synced.

You may not want to use that output on NTSC, as it would produce 90Hz output. The current Indivision turns an NTSC screen into 75Hz output if you're using the 1.25 mode, and we even get support requests because some monitors can't handle 75Hz. This is why the factory setting is now "60Hz for NTSC and 62.5Hz for PAL".

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