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Originally Posted by DJCruicky View Post
Hi MethodGit, Yes I found that too. I was just about post about it, I spotted that last night about the A500/600 not working. When I updated the game this past week, I re-compiled it with the newer AmiBlitz3, unknown to me 500/600 support is broke in that for many of the commands I programmed the game with. Good news is I still have the older Blitz 2 and can confirm it will work again, for 500/600 Amigas. I'll fix and update the link with a new download. I will post back when ready. Hopefully I'll not add more bugs to the game in doing so . "If it ain't broke don't fix it"
I think I'll split the 2 games up onto 2 different discs too, as I can not figure out how to make a loading menu that also works on a Amiga 500 1.3.
(I never knew how to do that 15 years ago let alone now ). Probably better on 2 discs any way.
Thanks all again for nice comments.
Thanks for the quick update, amigo! Duly appreciated.

As for making loader menus, do you mean like the relatively simple one you made for the initial release with both games on? If so, just remember that 1.3 expects you to use the "cd" command to switch directories and "execute" to, well, execute scripts like the numbered ones you had. (If you do resort to execute, may I recommend assigning T: to RAM:T (or simply just RAM: ) so that the disk isn't modified everytime a script is run. )
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