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Originally Posted by snyp View Post
Excellent, I would really appreciate that BuZz.
Actually the 'browser' will probably be the next thing to work on. WIP right now is some functions of the 'converter'.

I will throw a PM your way when I get an SQL framework set up

sure thing. If SQL on the client side would be annoying, we can setup server side stuff with xml output perhaps. i have that in place for modland actually in a basic form, which is used my my xbmc modland plugin - where you send a search string and you get back tunes related to that but the streaming urls, so they can be streamed to the xbox1 or htpc running xbmc. for modland we also store instrument data for some formats, and in hvsc we have a bunch of other data. mostly relational depending on if we need to index from it, otherwise its data packed in json format.

since we already use md5s for reference actually people could already use th streaming interface again their mod collection.. for example

would stream termination day from 4-mat in ogg format or

in mp3..

so anyone with a mod collection could actually do an md5sum and try and see if we have it and stream if it matched..

there is actually

also... currently non public due to bandwidth.. oops. well it was ;-) the service isnt used as much as i thought so what the hell
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