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Originally Posted by 8bitbubsy View Post
However, the pattern offset calculation is rather slow... Hencing the "Seek" box when you jump to another pattern. What's up with that? Should be instant...
Hopefuly the work I have done since the first alpha has addressed this.
On my Pentium 4 (overclocked to just over 4Ghz) it now takes around 600ms to seek to a 10-minute offset.
Within the 600ms, a complete run of all emulated 68000 code is run to preserve integrity

Originally Posted by Asle View Post
"those three.mod" has 2 extra bytes. "classic.fc" has quite a few extra bytes too
Hopefuly the 'File Medic' can help diagnose issues like this. In some circumstances it can offer an automatic repair of corrupt data.
I am still working on this area of the application
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