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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
About the thermal test, it says it doesn't need a fan...
Thanks! (I truly appreciate that )That specs refer to ACA1230/28 but my questions were targetted towards ACA630/25 Stealth. Heating issues are a very different scenario inside an Amiga 600, which caused my concern.

Jens told me ACA630 thermal tests would be finished late last week. But preordering is running wild and I'm still waiting for them. Eer... Do I look a bit anxious? Yup, I am!!!

To cut it short: I need to be confident ACA630/25 Stealth is adequate for long gaming seasons (whole evening, probably whole day) without heating beeing a problem in an A600 with his internal floppy drive not beeing removed (no indivision ECS plans at this point). The moment Jens gives me a simple, plain "YES" to this, ACA630 has got a new buyer!

Otherwise, I'd still be considering Zetro's A608 project (which I fully prepaid, eer... more than one year ago, sigh...), as that fast RAM would be fair enough for my purposes, that's why I was also asking him for news about it. I took for granted there would be no answer from him, same way I take for granted the delays are not his fault at all, but then again, his continued silence is anything but helpful. Luckylly I'm glad to say he's a nice fella anyway, so we're not getting mad at him!

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