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Hi All. New Member

Hi All

Could not find a new member introduction bit, though this could very easily be my fault so move away if there is one.

I got my first Amiga in 89/90 not sure. Trusty A500 and then sold it and bought an A1200 on release.

Which is a 1A rev mobo now in a power tower with Z4 zorro bus board, 3.1 roms, Blizzard PPC 175/603e 040/25 no scsi. PowerFlyer MkIII, network card etc. Not switch it on for years.

Got a spare A1200 kicking around and A600 and A500.

If I want an amiga fix these days usually use one of my copies of Amiga Forever.

However, and not sure if this a MorphOS friendly site, for my main fix use my registered MorophOS 2.6 on a silent upgrade MacMini.

Some on this site might know me as JJ on where I have been hanging around for over ten years.

So Hi All

Sorry my first post was not the nicest on another thread but thought it needed saying
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