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Originally Posted by rockersuke View Post
My greatest trouble now is how to make the same question for a fourth time without looking like an absolute pest but not going totally unnoticed as in the third...

About the thermal test, it says it doesn't need a fan...

ACA 1230/56 Accelerator

A brand new modern accelerator for the
Amiga 1200 computer


Full 68030 running at 56Mhz
64MB of Fast Memory (SDRAM surface mounted)
Fully compatible with expansions installed in the A1200 PCMCIA port
Re-Kick option from software (supports up to 1MB Kickstart ROM images)
Very efficient 2-1-1-1 burst design
Low power requirements- no cooling fan required
Compact design- user slots into trapdoor underneath
Amiga 1200
Efficient performance: approximately 12 MIPs (Millions Of Instructions Per Second)
Optional Clock Kit available

The ACAtune tool will be available to download which lets you tweak some parameters and activate Maprom.
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