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Originally Posted by DJCruicky View Post
I think I'll split the 2 games up onto 2 different discs too, as I can not figure out how to make a loading menu that also works on a Amiga 500 1.3.
(I never knew how to do that 15 years ago let alone now ). Probably better on 2 discs any way.
Thanks all again for nice comments.
Blitz supports the following functions for the launching of external executables
Either via AmigaOS: 

commandline$ = "C:myprogram arg1 arg2" 
Execute_ &commandline$,0,0 

or via dos.include that allows more control: 

dos_RunCli {filename.s,priority.l,@stack.l,@waitfinish.l,@cliargs.s} 

dos_RunWB {filename.s}
thanks to Der Wander of
not sure if they are 1.3 compatible though.

or you could use one of these tools

Thanks once again.
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