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Thumbs up casablanca roms and pictures

I made a attempt to read out the roms and pic chip in the 060 cassie i have(posted all this on .My version has a 68lc060rc50 cpu with Dv option and supposedly the alpha rendering accelerator.
i have put the pics and roms in a file here(Warning ~26MB file):

Looking at the 2 roms(27c4002,same as 27c4096 and not amiga 27c400) in a hex editor looks like giberish to me,maybe some of you can tell whats what. Maybe they are these encrypted?split oddly? backwards? who knows.
The 16c55 pic chip i tried to read but the protection bit was set. i ignored it and read anyway,but the code in the file may be giberish.

I'm wondering if this thing is anywhere close enough to run amiga apps.
they may have changed enough to make it not work.

If amiga resource and need these pics,please take them.

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