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Originally posted by Oscar Castillo
Quicktime isn't intuitive? The interface controls are about as simple as you can make them. Why are you so down on Quicktime?
Unless they have drastically changed the way it works from the version I have, then no it's not intuitive. If I download, for example, a bunch of trailers or tv spots and half are mpeg and the other half qt, with WMP I can load one mpeg after another and they each open in the same window instead of one on top of the other. If I close a movie and want to still have access to the interface, I can't because the window which opens (detached from the interface) closes both down when you click the [X] on the movie window. A quibble, that. If I want to drag and drop a movie, it creates a new window, which is clunky. I don't like the interface. WMP allows you to toggle off parts of the interface to a more stripped down view, whilst QT doesn't. And the volume knob is clunky. Neither program offers adequate frame stepping. But worst of off is the fact that you cannot toggle the pause on and off with the same button. Having two buttons is fine, but the pause button should toggle.
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