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Originally Posted by MethodGit View Post
Is it just me though, or does this new HZ not work under an A500 or A600 config (or at least a 68000)? The disk itself won't even boot under 1.3, and on 2.0-3.1 it gives me a Suspend/Reboot window. It works wonders under a quickstart A1200 config, mind you. Seems a bit unexpected as the original game/demo worked amazingly well on my old A500 back then.
Hi MethodGit, Yes I found that too. I was just about post about it, I spotted that last night about the A500/600 not working. When I updated the game this past week, I re-compiled it with the newer AmiBlitz3, unknown to me 500/600 support is broke in that for many of the commands I programmed the game with. Good news is I still have the older Blitz 2 and can confirm it will work again, for 500/600 Amigas. I'll fix and update the link with a new download. I will post back when ready. Hopefully I'll not add more bugs to the game in doing so . "If it ain't broke don't fix it"
I think I'll split the 2 games up onto 2 different discs too, as I can not figure out how to make a loading menu that also works on a Amiga 500 1.3.
(I never knew how to do that 15 years ago let alone now ). Probably better on 2 discs any way.
Thanks all again for nice comments.
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