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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
GAAE is for those without a 3.1rom or without a memory expension, so it really dpends what Rom you'll run if its 2.05 or something then yes, stick to GAAE.

If you're on 3.1rom you are probably better of with 68k although being workbench 3.x maybe it runs a little slower on the 68000 than GAAE

My A500+ will be sticking with it's original 2.04 ROM (also 1.3 on a ROM switcher for those old floppy games ). It's going to have 10mb RAM (2mb chip + 8mb fast) and i will probably drop in a 68010 CPU... good for the quit key function in WHDLoad .

I'm leaning towards GAAE as it's mainly going to be used for WHDLoad and i don't want the OS to be too slow.
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