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@Vroomski, Amikit wont work on a real Amiga (well not without a lot of modification) but you can draw idea from it if you use in WinUAE.

For setting up your CF cards you can use WinUAE and a normal USB Card reader, you format the CF and partition card under emulation just as if it was an Amiga Hard Drive, this is done with drive safety mode set to 'off' so just be careful not to format a system drive by mistake.

If you don't want to risk that the CF can be formatted with a Workbench 3.1install Floppy on the real Amiga, make sure you set the correct MaxTransfer settings to save any trouble later.

You connect the CF card to the internal IDE of you A1200 with a CF-IDE adapter and this makes the CF card act like an internal Hard Drive.

More info available if you need it!

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