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I agree vroom6sri, it can be very difficult to keep up on (or read up on) what can actually be achieved. I remember the old Amiga magazines, like Amiga Format had articles on cool utilities, commodities, and the like.

As far as I know, there has been no write-ups like that in many years and rummaging through Aminet for unspecific stuff is not very constructive

My advice would be to try some of the beefier pre-installs in WinUAE, like AmiKit, and see what has been done. Then sort out what you like, what tools are productive, etc.

Don't install them on your real Amiga though

Then, as Dr. fitzsteve suggested, use Classic Workbench as a base for your own custom setup. I find the easiest way is to set everything up in WinUAE and transfer the setup to your real Amiga.
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