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Originally Posted by DDNI View Post
...If so, the potential savings for a significant investment do not look at all attractive. Particularly when a bit of gentle haggling in most shops can often secure a 10 - 20% discount.
But the most shops you're reffering to do not specialise in such a niche market. And therefore have so many more customers, so much more stock, and a much quicker turnaround on their stock. Which means that they can afford to sell their stock for much lower profit margins and still make a profit.

My local hi-fi store may offer a 10-20% discount on high-end items if I ask for one, but it knows that if I don't like their price I could always go to a competitor with a minimum of inconvinience.

Besides, a marketing trick often employed by retailers of high end items is to inflate the "ticket price" 10%-25% higher than the price the retailer is actually willing to sell it for. Which means the sales staff can offer what seem to be amazing discounts, which theoretically leaves the customer walking away with the warm-fuzzy feeling of having attained a bargain, and a fondness for the store which provided it.

So you're not really getting a 10-20% discount at all, you're just falling for a simple marketing trick.
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