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Originally Posted by cosmicfrog View Post
recently got an a590 for my A500+ that has KS3.1 in like zetro says I`ll probably stick classicWorkbench on it
I'm looking for a decent sidecar expansion for my recently purchased A500+... I sold a couple of A590's and a GVP HD8+ some time ago.Wish i'd kept one now . I might be getting an Alfapower 500 over at Amibay with a CF card and 8mb fast RAM installed... but it's IDE which will make a 68000 CPU work a bit harder compared to using SCSI

Anyway i'm looking at installing ClassicWB GAAE... had this on my A600 a while back and it was great! Am i right in assuming this is the best ClassicWB package for a 68000 ECS machine (for performance)?
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