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Asking For Some Help with HOL Screen shots...

Hello - I was wondering if anyone could lend a hand with grabbing some screen shots from the PD and Shareware games that are occasionally re-discovered in this thread.

I think that each game discovered should receive an entry into the Hall of Light with as much detail and as many screen shots as possible.
In this way the authors who kindly donate their games are rewarded by seeing their work show-cased along side other classic Amiga titles.

I will continue to track down and contact the authors, hunt for the games and collate the information for the HOL entry - I am asking for someone to help do just the screen shots - I cant keep asking Cody and TCD to do them as they both have many other duties within EAB.

It would only be every so often - I don't find that many games!

If anyone can help please either post here or PM me and I can tell you which game entry we are working on at present.

Thank you


Here are some general guide lines to do with HOL Screen shots...

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