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This product just seems to hit my personal hobby price point about right.
It's at the top of the (a bit above really) "this is what I can justify spending on something for my Amiga" budget. But, even tho it's a bit over, it's close and has more memory that I would have imagined getting, so it's worth a stretch.

I would like an Indivision AGA, but that's a higher price point. I'm not saying it's not worth it, it's an incredible piece of hardware, but I just don't see myself stretching that high for one piece of my hobby. At least not in one shot.

But I think that's a reason that Jen's won't have any trouble selling the ACA1230/28s. The price point is low enough that I think they will fly to all the cheapo's like me. ;-)

The Indivisions and 1230/56's might sit for a bit on the shelves. Not because they won't eventually sell out, but because at the higher price point, it's less of an impulse buy..


(fingers crossed that my wife got the hint when I e-mailed her the link and mentioned Christmas.. ;-) )
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