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Originally Posted by Oliver_A View Post
Work in progress

ADoom Shareware in 1024x768 256 colours on Indivision ECS and the upcoming ACA630.

I'm currently adding Indivision GFX support to ADoom and I thought you might be interested in comparing some performance figures. First, ADoom using etra halfbrite chunky 2 planar routine in 320x200, 64 colours:

One frame takes 71731 us to render. Now compare this to the Indivision GFX direct chunky graphics mode in 320x200, 256 colours:

Wow, rendering time is only 24000 us per frame, almost three times faster than using the ECS chipset! Reason for this is the maximum chip ram write speed of the ACA630 (3.5MB/s) to the SDRAM chunky framebuffer of the Indivision ECS flickerfixer. It's as close as one can get having an Amiga 3000 with a Zorro II graphics card in the tiny Amiga 600 case.

Adoom is very playable in 1x1 graphics mode in 320x200 in 256 colours on Indivision ECS and ACA630.

More details will follow soon.
Originally Posted by FOL View Post
Thats awesome, .
Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
Could you please upload a youtube video of those setups running Adoom?
I could only humbly beg that you make a youtube of this!!!

Originally Posted by cv643d View Post
Oliver: is it possible to add 256 color mode to WB also?

Great work, nice pictures. Refreshing to see products and product maker keeping community up to date. Danke schön...
this would be fantastic as a selectable screen mode for workbench - seriously opening up ClassicWorkbench 3.5 and possibly a revised CWOS3.9 - infact with a little work Classic Workbench P96 and or AIAB / AmigaSYS

I just got off the phone to the big guy and he told me to post this .....

Apparently he is the only man alive brave enough to divide by zero....

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