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Originally Posted by hitchhikr View Post
Nintendo is applying a lot of censorship upon the titles released on their consoles ("quality control") so that's probably not where the real deal can be found.
Nintendo have been doing this for years

They censored many games on the NES and Snes and that's one of the reasos why i prefer Megadrive versions of the same games. The US had it really bad though... censoring pictures and scenes that show a bit of naked leg, a cross, blood, alcohol (bars in Final Fantasy 3/6 got changed into cafes for the US release ) or any adult comments, religious references etc.

Streets of Rage on the Megadrive was great! Lots of violence with knives, baseball bats, glass bottles and Blaze in her skimpy outfit. Sega did everything Nintendo wouldn't dream of doing. Final Fight by Capcom on the Snes was lame in comparison.

And then there's Mortal Kombat which got absolutely ruined by Nintendo censorship

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