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Also is that 56mhz card with a passive heat-sink? Any chance of the production version being faster or is 56mhz the limit for an 030.
The ACA1230-56Mhz needs no heat-sink. We tested the card for several days in a closed A1200, running all kinds of demos on it, and the bottom plate of the A1200 only gets warm, most certainly not warmer than a Blizzard 1230. This is partly due to the fact that we are going to use the latest MC68030RC50C mask revision (1F91C) for production.

We chose 56 Mhz because it's 4 times the A1200 system bus clock. It's a fully synchronous design, since we are generating all timings from the Amiga mainboard, so there is no external crystal involved. With 56 Mhz, we are still in the safety zone for clocking a 50Mhz 030. Going a step above would violate the poor chap.

With 12.5 MIPS and a memory bandwidth of over 40MB/s the ACA1230-56Mhz will be the fastest 68030 accelerator ever commercially released for the Amiga.
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