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I suspect that 56Mhz is the hard-limmit as at this speed the CPU hits the backwall of the RAM speed - any more than that and the card would require and Async design - loosing performance.

still 12 ish MIPS and 64MB of RAM.... thats quite delicious for an 030 card, and as much as I would want an FPU for some clever code - pending price point I may well plumb for one of these cards..... and or the Indivision ECS but most certainly the Indivision AGA (especially if I get a direct chunky pixel display buffer to write too)

If Jens changes his mind after the 56Mhz 1230ACA is made and wants to crack the A600 (although it would be a lot more work!) should that a 56Mhz A630 appear - yep - I would buy one of them too...

Looks like I will be having a garage sale soon =)
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