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I think it's pretty hard - I haven't finished it!

It's excellent - I love it - in fact what a couple of great Amiga games!

Hydrzone runs very well on my A1200 with the Blizzard 030 - no problems at all - music is fine and the game even opens with a little light show on the A1200 Power LED - excellent!

Speed Racer FX runs perfectly well also on the A1200 Blizzard set up and runs at a really good speed - what a fantastic simple two player game - this is vintage Amiga gaming - pure class!

On My Apollo 1240 A1200, Hydrozone still runs perfectly well and is playable but the music does break up and it sounds like one channel is missing occasionally.
Speed Racer FX on the Apollo A1200 runs fine - although... it is FAST - great fun though!

These games are true Amiga PD/Shareware at their best - such playability and such fun - HOW DID I MISS HYDROZONE THE FIRST TIME ROUND??

The author has even made an excellent little Skull icon for the game - superb!

Must get some more game details and screenshots done for Hydrozone so that the Hall of Light entry does it justice!

Also must get Speed Racer FX entered into the Hall of Light - it is such a blast of a game and well deserving of an entry along side Hydrozone.

To think we now have both FULL Versions back - Thanks again DJCruicky
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