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wow, so many nice comments. Thank you very much all of you.

Originally Posted by Beawolf View Post
waawoo lol cheers

Originally Posted by Adropac2 View Post
Blimey Hydrozone is really well done, can't believe iv'e not seen it before.Great work. Are you still working on games at this point in your life?
No sorry, I'm not , I just work in an office, nothing of interest to report on that front.

Originally Posted by Anakirob View Post
I just had another moment of incontinence right now.

First I'll clean myself up, and then I'll spend the rest of the day playing this bad boy to completion.
ok, I'm clean now, and I've booted up the disk, but the music does not seem to be playing correctly (A1200 030). The file "Mod.Hydrozone" plays fine in Hippoplayer or any tracker you could care to name. But not in the game, oh well.
Yuck, smelly Anakirob, phew .
As for your problem with the music. I think I too had problems also when I bought a 030 for my A1200 15 years a go. Not sure I ever found a fix. The music plays, but it seems to miss notes out. Is this the same for you?
I had hoped recompiling my source code with the new AmiBlitz3 would have fixed the sound bugs, but I guess not. Hard to test as it all works fine with my PC Emulator. Are you loading the game through Workbench? Try this, open a Shell, and Enter 'CPU NoBurst', then run the game. Out of interest, was the speed of the game OK too?. ie does it look like my You-tube vid. Thanks for your feedback.

Originally Posted by Peter View Post
I should get a chance to test on my A1200 Blizzard and A1200 Apollo set up's later on tonight...
Thank you Peter.

Thanks all again. I'll look into getting my other games out too.


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