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Originally Posted by xpect View Post
Ah understood. As i've registered and logged in just to vote on a rush, didn't read the proper headings.
Not really your fault: it's not written anywhere what that ranking is relative to and how it works. As the maintainer of the BOH page, I realized it is based on the daily accesses only thanks to the fact that whenever I release an update the position improves (on the other hand, during the periods of silence, the position sinks down).

Nonetheless I think it's really highly remarked to be in that slot! That proves the quality of the game.
Well, I must admit that currently the position must have improved (and it keeps on improving) because I've been asking around to vote - i.e. more people visited the page
Just for the record, the highest BOH got was 12th, when it got featured in an official Indie DB video (it made it to the video thanks to the 13th update).

BTW I've downloaded the demo for AROS and will give it a go later tonight!
Thanks, I hope you'll have fun! (But don't expect it to be a walk in the park )
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